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SZM04-B (S)  Standard Payment Cipherer 

Sunyard SZM04-B (S) payment cipherer is designed to be clamshell and waterproof; as regard to its appearance and external structure, it takes humanity design and convenience for equipment operations of clients into full consideration. It adopts standard 128*64 dot matrix liquid crystal display where the maximum 4 lines* 8 Chinese characters can be showed and multi-level menu provides clear function options. It has 17 buttons with concise layout and friendly human-computer interface; it is also provided with USB MIN international data switching interface so as to conduct operations such as payment cipherer distribution management and online computing.



Product appearance







     Sunyard SZM04-B (S) payment cipherer conforms to Chinese banking business and technical standard and also provides support for calculating payment cipherers of special vouchers of each commercial bank. Sunyard SZM04-B (S) payment cipherer may offer the functions of “one password for many machines” and “many passwords only for one machine”. Customers may easily manage 64 accounts and conduct computer work of payment cipherer only by using a SZM04-B(S) payment cipherer. An account can be provided with as much as 50 cipherers, which may meet requirements of enterprises.
      Sunyard SZM04-B(S) payment cipherer is provided with four personnel management modes of “Treasurer”, “Accountant”, “Supervisor” and “Legal person”, which may conduct such operations as “Issuance”, “Approval”, “Authorization” and “Distribution”, which keep consistent with financial system of enterprises and fully reflect the principles of classification and level-to-level management. SZM04-B(S)payment cipherer can also provide the functions of "Batch authorization”, “Authorize ticket limit”, “Distribute Account”, etc, for facilitating users to manage internal finance. Meanwhile, the first 512 issuing records are automatically saved for convenient reference of users.

Technical Parameters

Item Specification
Type SZM04-B(S)
Implementation specifications General Technical Specifications of Payment Cipherer System
Personnel management Four levels (Legal person, supervisor, accountant, treasurer) 
Personnel number 24 (custom level)
Loading accounts 64
Tickets record The first 512 records are automatically saved
Control mode Password certification/issuance limit control/account access control
Authorization mode Imte authorization/batch authorization/authorization with tokens
Batch record  The first 99 records are automatically saved
Account symbols Support
Real time clocks  Available
Automatic shutdown  Time setting
Display screen  128*64 dot matrix LCD screen
Keyboard Keyboard with 17 keys, menu driven
Dry accumulators 2 AAA batteries for power supply.
Appearance and dimension (L*W*H) 106mm*69mm*19mm
Power consumption Operating current:<10mA;shutdown current:<3μA






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