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Sunyard Showcases Full Range of Terminals at Trustech 2018
Publisher: Sunyard Promotion Dept. Date: 2018-10-23 Read: 1025

Sunyard Technology Co., Ltd, the leading financial software solution provider together with one of fastest growing electronic payment terminal providers (SSE Code 600571), will showcases full range of products on booth PAL F 016 at Trustech 2018, and the paramount event for payments will be held in Cannes on Nov 27 to 29, 2018.


During the event, Sunyard will unveil our new products powered by Android and a suite of new generation QR code reader, which will meet the needs of large amount transactions and complicated payment environment.


Sunyard’s POS terminal i80 powered by Android, equipped with a state-of-the-art processor, large memory and multiple connectivity to enable exceptionally fast processing of software applications. The i80 is available for Omni-channel payments including bank card, NFC, QR code payment and etc.


The new generation QR code reader VQR910 supports contactless NFC, 1D/2D code & dynamic QR code payments. Integrated with ECR or POS terminals or as a standalone payment device, merchants can finish transaction more securely, efficiently and faster.


Mr. Yulun Shi, CEO of Sunyard Technology, stated, “I am looking forward to meeting you on our booth at the show, and expecting our channel partners and customers travelling from all over the world to witness the launching of our new portfolio of products.”

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